by Jimmy Ether

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Written as a birthday gift for Boston's favorite daughter, Andrea Kremer (no, not the sportscaster chick... the other one.).



What do you think we should say
when invoking your name?
I bet you'll be modest
and shy away from the acclaim
But when you're in pain
and the day's a laborious shame
know we're in awe
and we love you a lot
if ever you think that you're nothing
you not
life may distill you
but nothing can kill you

If you fear
that your dwindled spirit
is leaching dark decay
we will afford you
some shadenfreude
to shower the glower away
for in this filming
the part villain
is desperation role
but it's only a cameo

Existence is tragic
and everything is an unknown
but even in death
no one ever can leave you alone
instead we inherit the traits
of the ones we revere
so screw second-guessing
and follow your ears
bury your doubts
in the faith of your peers
life may distill you
but nothing can kill you


released November 1, 2009
First base... Jimmy Ether! Second base... Jimmy Ether! Third base... Jimmy E... oh, you get the idea.



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Jimmy Ether Atlanta, Georgia

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